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What's Happening at Lodge

Year One: Great Explorers

Our BIG enquiry question: what does it take to be a great explorer?

3,2,1…BLAST OFF!!  Aye, aye Captain!! In history, we will compare the lives of two significant and great explorers: Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus.  In geography, will we have the opportunity to become great explorers of our local area!

Year Two: Ablaze

Our BIG enquiry question: could the Great Fire of London happen today?

Oh no!  It’s the year 1666 and London’s burning!  In history, we will investigate the events that took place on Pudding Lane in September 2nd, 1666. Why did the fire spread so swiftly and take several days to extinguish? Are there any similarities between the Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017 and the 1666 Great Fire of London? Let’s get our detective hats on!

Year Three: The Ancient Egyptians

Our BIG enquiry question: the ancient Egyptians were savage, uncivilised people. Do you agree?

Wrapped in bandages, brains plucked out from their noses… who were the ancient Egyptians? Were they cruel beasts or advanced people? Let’s step back in time and find out! In geography, we will explore whether the River Nile is important today and begin to learn the key features of a river.

Year Four: The Revolting Romans

Our BIG enquiry question: the ancient Romans had very little impact upon how live today in Britain. Evaluate.

Ewww! Have you heard of the tersorium and how the ancient Romans used this? It’s like sharing toilet roll! Disgusting, right? What did the ancient Romans do for Britain? Let’s find out! In geography, we will explore famous landmarks, the use of roads and investigate the effects of erupting volcanoes!

Year Five: Invasion!

Our BIG enquiry question: were the Vikings as vicious as people thought they were?

Burning buildings, raiding churches, spilling blood in battles or peaceful settlers seeking new land to farm and new people trade with. Who were the Vikings - vicious warriors or skilful settlers? Year 5 history detectives, let’s go back in time and find out more...

Year Six: Ocean Adventure

Our BIG enquiry question: do the positives of ocean exploration outweigh the dangers?

ICEBERG AHEAD! Who was Delia McDermott and what are her links with the Titanic? Did she experience social inequality on this floating vessel? Who was responsible for the Titanic disaster? There are so many questions to investigate in our history lessons. In geography , we will assess whether plastic is fantastic or drastic.

After School Clubs


Dodge Ball 3:20-4:20pm - Years 5 and 6.


Athletics Club 3:20-4:20pm - Years 5 and 6.

Gardening Club 3:20-4:20pm - Years 3 and 4

Reading Warriors  3:30 -4:30pm  Years 2, 4 and 6


Cricket Club 3:20-4:20pm - Years 1 and 2


Gymnastics 3:20-4:20pm - Years 3 and 4

Boccia Club 3:20-4:20pm - Years 3-6

Mr Singh

Business Manager

I work in the office and am most pupils, parents and teachers main point of contact. I deal with everything from dinner money, to iPads! If you need anything, please just ask!

Ms Akram

School Administrator

I am a friendly administrator, who is always happy to help parents and children with their concerns.

Mrs N Akhtar

School Administrator

I am a friendly person who is constantly smiling. I enjoy my job as i get to meet new faces on a daily basis. If you have any problems please feel free to pop into the office as I would love to help.

Mrs Cheema

Home School Liaison Worker

As the school's Home Link worker, I liaise closely with parents. I make sure our school's attendance stays above our target of 97% and encourage all children to come to school every day.

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