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What's Happening at Lodge

Year One: Under the sea

In year 1 we are learning all about under the sea. Our enquiry question is: How can we keep safe by the sea? We will be learning lots of things to do with the sea including pirates! We will be learning about wildlife under the sea. To support our learning we will be going to the Sea Life Centre. We will be doing a performance to show what we have learnt and will be telling the story of the Rainbow Shark! This links in with our writing lessons. We will also be following instructions to make our very own Rainbow Fish!  

Year Two:Fire and Ice

This term we will be learning about our topic Fire and Ice. We have learnt about the biggest fire in England, The Great Fire of London. Our enquiry question is ‘could the Great Fire of London happen today?’ We are exploring the differences in how fires were tackled in 1666 in comparison to today. We are creating a production based around the events of the fire. The production involves our art exhibition, dance routines and songs we learnt in Music. 

Year Three: The Egyptians

In year 3 we are learning about the Egyptians. We are answering our enquiry question: How has the ancient Egyptian society had an impact on Egypt today? During the spring Term we will be finding out about key Egyptian people and the importance of the River Nile as well as the pyramids.  We will be having an Egyptian visitor, where we will experience the process of mummification and explore Egyptian artefacts.

Year Four:

In year 4 we are learning about the Romans. We are answering our enquiry question: How has the Roman Empire impacted on England and Rome today? During the spring Term we will be finding out about key Roman leaders and how they used the power of their army to control a large empire. We will be having a Roman visitor, learning about everyday Roman life and how the army operated to control its entire population. We will also be learning about volcanoes and how this had such a big impact upon Roman society in Pompeii.

Year Five: The Vikings

This term, Year 5 will be studying the Vicious Vikings! Our aim of the term is to answer the following question: Were the Vikings really as vicious as people think? We will be delving deep into history and learning about the life of a Viking, their religious beliefs and why they were so successful in battle. During the term, Year 5 will be visited by a real life Viking who will show the children how the Vikings lived. In geography, we will be looking at the reasons for the Vikings to invade Britain, by looking at the geographical features of Scandinavia and Britain.

Year Six: Amazing Africa

Year 6 are immersing themselves into the lives of 18th century enslaved Africans. We will be discovering the horrendous conditions and terrible treatment that many slaves had to endure. We'll be having a visit from a real lfe Cabin Boy, who will teach us about life on board a slave ship. 

After School Clubs

Athletics Club

Come and try out our Athletics After School Club on a Monday for Year 1 & 2 at 3.15pm-4.20pm

Tennis Club

If you are a fan of Andy Murray and you're in Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 then come along on a Tuesday to our Tennis After School Club - 3.15-4.20pm.

Girls Only Cricket Club

Calling all Girls in Year 3-6 - Come and show the boys how it's done and bowl them over in Cricket Only for Girls on Tuesdays 3.15-4.20pm.

Football Club

Every Wednesday is where you will find the footie gang from Year 5 & 6 at 3.15-4.20pm - GOAL!!!!

Change 4 Life

A healthy body means a healthy mind!  Come and learn what snacks we can eat, which will help keep us healthy and provide us with energy for physical exercise. Join us at Change4Life with Mr Dhillon every Tuesday 3.20-4.20pm.

Cricket Club

Bowl them over with your cricket skills!  Come along and join Mr Patel on Thursdays 3.20pm-4.20pm - Years 5 and 6.


Mr Greenaway has a secret club - the Mathletics Club for Years 3 and 4 - it's held on Tuesdays from 3.20pm-4.20pm in 1D.

Mrs Mahoney

Learning Mentor

I work with children across school supporting their educational, social and behavioural needs. I am on the playground from 8:45am every morning to discuss any concerns and worries that children and parents have.

Mr Singh

Business Manager

I work in the office and am most pupils, parents and teachers main point of contact. I deal with everything from dinner money, to iPads! If you need anything, please just ask!

Mrs Cheema

Home School Liaison Worker

As the school's Home Link worker, I liaise closely with parents. I make sure our school's attendance stays above our target of 97% and encourage all children to come to school every day.

Mrs Patel

School Administrator

I work in the main school office and  I am always here to try and help, please pop along and see me.  I will definitely do my best to resolve the issues you have with most things from admissions to dinner money and school trips.

Ms Akram

School Administrator

I am a friendly administrator. who is always happy to help parents and children with their concerns.

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