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What's Happening at Lodge

Year 1 - Into the Woods

Our chosen topic this term is ‘Into the Woods’. Our launch day will introduce us to traditional story characters set in the woods. After this, we will be doing some creative activities including making bags and taking part in some drama. This half term, we will be jetting off on an exciting trip to the woods.

Year 2 - Down in the Jungle

Our topic is Down in the Jungle! We will be learning about where the rainforests are in the world and the different layers in the rainforest. We are also going to find out about a famous person who has explored the rainforest. Our workshop at Dudley Zoo will provide us with the opportunity to think about what it would be like if there were no rainforests in the world.

Year 3 - Stone Age to the Iron Age

In year three we will be studying the Stone Age to the Iron Age and how people survived during that time. We will also study how this era has impacted how we live today. This term we will be going to Edgmond Hall to learn about how people lived during this time. We will even get to make our own fire and build a shelter!

Year 4 - Terrible Tudors

This term in year 4 we will be covering the gruesome, Terrible Tudors. Our local study will be at The Oak House, where will we study the lives of the people who lived there. We will also learn about the life of Tudor aristocrats as well as the hardships for children during the Tudor period. The children will discover all about Britain’s most famous Monarch, King Henry VIII, and why he had six wives.

Year 5 - Victorious Victorians

This term we are studying the Victorious Victorians. We will be learning about the horrific conditions that children suffered in the factories and mines. The children will discover what punishments they might have received in a Victorian classroom, which fortunately the teachers can't use today! We will visit the Black Country Museum, where the children will experience a real life working Victorian village.

Year 6 - Amazing Africa

Year 6 are immersing themselves into the lives of the Edo people, who over time turned a rainforest into a Benin Kingdom. We will be learning about the Edo people’s inventions, beliefs and lifestyles. Then we will explore what happened to the Edo people and their kingdom when the Europeans invaded their territory.

Summer Term after school clubs

Monday - Y1/Y2 Football Club

Tuesday - Yr3/Y4 Football Club

Wednesday - Y5/Y6 Cricket Club

Thursday - Y5/Y6 Netball Club

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